About Litmus PutsMail

A little background and history on
one of your favorite tools

  1. 2011

    PutsMail first launches

  2. 2012

    Gains popularity: over 60,000 tests run

  3. 2014

    Litmus takes over PutsMail, continues development

PutsMail was originally developed by Pablo Cantero, a software developer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Pablo experienced first-hand the difficulty of sending HTML emails to himself for cross-platform testing. He built PutsMail.com to help others in the same situation and email designers around the world loved it.

In 2014, Litmus purchased PutsMail and took over its development, continuing to offer it as a standalone free tool for email marketers to perform quick tests of their campaigns.

Once you’ve run a few tests with Litmus PutsMail, check out Litmus' full email testing suite to ensure an on-brand, error-free subscriber experience. Litmus helps you get more out of your emails with the power to test and preview in 90+ email clients—including Dark Mode—in one spot. In seconds.

About Litmus

Litmus provides the leading email optimization and collaboration solution for marketers. From Pre-send campaign development and testing to Post-send insights for future content optimization, Litmus improves marketing performance and strategy, delivering increased subscriber engagement.

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