About PutsMail

A little background and history on
one of your favorite tools

  1. 2011

    PutsMail first launches

  2. 2012

    Gains popularity: over 60,000 tests run

  3. 2014

    Litmus takes over PutsMail, continues development

PutsMail was originally developed by Pablo Cantero, a software developer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Pablo experienced first-hand the difficulty of sending HTML emails to himself for cross-platform testing. He built PutsMail.com to help others in the same situation, and it found great success with email designers around the world.

Pablo has worked on several large e-commerce platforms, most recently at Spree Commerce, developing the software that powers over 50,000 web stores. Alongside this he is developing two more independent ventures: Super Experiências and Deliveria.

You can follow Pablo on Twitter: @pablocantero

In 2014, Litmus purchased PutsMail and took over its development.

Litmus has continued to offer PutsMail as a standalone, free tool for email designers to perform quick tests of their campaigns.

Once you’ve run a few tests with PutsMail, you might find Litmus’ full email testing toolset helpful. We offer email previews across 50+ different platforms and devices—from Lotus Notes to iPhone 6.

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